If you cannot adopt, but still want to help needy homeless pets, you should consider sponsoring a pet at Tails of Hope! 

What is a sponsorship you might ask?

A sponsorship is a monthly donation to a available animal of your choice that is in the rescue for a longer length of time; whether it be behavioral or medical. These donations are usually set up to be recurring, but a onetime payment is accepted too. Available animals will be listed on our monthly newsletters!

We have three types of sponsorships available:
Gold ($50 or more)
—– Our gold sponsorship members will receive a weekly update on their sponsored animal by that animal’s foster on how that animal is doing. This includes any pictures the foster might have taken of them in the meantime, exclusively shared with you and not available to the public.
Silver ($30 or more)
—– Our silver sponsorship members will receive picture updates of their sponsored animal by that animal’s foster weekly.
Bronze ($20 or more)

Once you join this exclusive club, your name/s will be featured next to your sponsored animal below and each animal can have an unlimited quantity of sponsors. Each of those sponsors help contribute to their sponsored animal’s needs – daily care, medication, monthly preventative (Heartworm, Flea/Tick), veterinarian appointments, surgeries, special needs, etc.

To become a sponsor, please email treasurer@almatailsofhope.com with the information below and the subject as ‘Sponsorship’. If during your sponsorship an animal is deemed adoptable and is adopted, we will reach out to you to see who you would like to transfer your sponsorship to, or if you would like to end your sponsorship.

Animal interested in sponsoring:
If you would like to be displayed on the website name/s you would like displayed:
Sponsorship per month:
How long you want to sponsor for:
Payment type (so we know where to watch for it):

Sponsor Hall of Fame

Anyone who sponsors $20 or more per month will be listed on this page with the picture of their sponsored animal/s for how long their sponsorship lasts for.